Meet Our Staff


Stephen Morley


I have a confession… it's been a while since I last lived in the UK. My life of ministry started in the US, where I served in numerous ministerial roles. I served as a pastor in California, Idaho, Washington and Texas. I also had the joy of serving as a missionary in Ireland. In each move, we have sensed the leading of God. HE has led us to Ashton.

I married up... my wife Annette and I do ministry together and have been for 30 years - there's nothing better than sharing the journey of life with someone you love and who loves you. Along the way, we've been blessed with two great kids (Elizabeth and Matthew), and now we have three, as our daughter married Ben. Let's just say we're blessed.

I love a good cup of tea. I enjoy travelling and visiting new places. I'm thrilled to be back where they know what REAL football is, although I do love the NFL and the Kansas City Chiefs. I also enjoy preaching, go figure… and look forward to getting to know this community and yourself.

There's something else you need to understand about me. I'm passionate about seeing the church not as a building or a program but as a people who seek to mirror Jesus to our world. If you're looking for more than a place to attend but for a community to join, I'd love to meet you!